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JWN & Associates


JWN&Associates specializes in sales, service, and training for most types of automatic and manual ball, wedge, and die pick and place bonders. We specialize in the Hughes Aircraft Company© 2460s and 2470s, 2500, Palomar Products© 2460s, 2470s and 3500s, K&S©, Mech-el©, MEI©, Westbond©, MRSI© model 505, 375, and 170G, die and epoxy dispenser systems, Dage© wire pullers, Royce© Wire pullers and Shearing Systems.  We service and sell Orthodyne© Bonders.

We are also pleased to offer a variety of welders, from Benchmark©, SECC©, Hughes and others, as well as lasers, glove boxes, plasma cleaners, and screen printers by MPM©, and a large supply of spare parts for all of our equipment.

Please explore the Special Products icon to learn more about our innovative refurbishing techniques for the Hughes Aircraft Company© and Palomar Products© 2460 and 2470 series of models.

Can't find the equipment or part you're looking for? Let us use our years of experience and industry resources to find it for you.

Do you have equipment that is under-utilized or for sale? Contact us Mail to we purchase equipment.

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